Andi Cristea

Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, European Parliament

Andi Cristea graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at SNSPA (2000-2004) and took post-university andi-cristea1long-term studies in "European Community Law" at the Bucharest University, the Economics and Administrative Training Center (2004). He also followed courses of economic counselling and analysis at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (2013) and courses at the Carol I Defence University within the National Defence College (2013).

He held the position of expert at the Press Office of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, Sept. 2004 — June 2009), parliamentary expert at the Deputies' Chamber (June 2005 — Dec. 2007), parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament (Dec. 2007 — Dec. 2008), parliamentary advisor at the Romanian Senate, the Commission on Foreign Policy (Jan. 2009 — May 2012), head of Cabinet of the Justice Minister (May — Aug. 2012), director general at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (May — Aug. 2012). As of Sept. 2004, he is a member of PSD and executive secretary of the Social Democrat Youth (TSD), in charge of European affairs matters, between Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2013.

On May 25, 2004, he was elected MEP on the PSD-UNPR-PC tickets on behalf of PSD's Buzau county branch.


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