Andrei Pogonaru

‎Partner, Central European Financial Services S.A.

Andrei is an entrepreneur, working to promote both his family's business interest and ventures with strong social andrei-pogonaru1ambitions. After 9 years spent studying and working abroad, he returned to Romania in 2007 to join the family business (CEFS). Since then, he initiated the Good.Bee project and a private equity fund. Good.Bee is a service focused on "banking the unbanked". It provides financial products as well as the technology and literacy needed to access them. For instance, it provides microloans, mobile banking access to these loans and financial education to make the most out of the microloans. The Erste Bank Foundation is the main financial backer of the Good.Bee project. Concomitantly, Andrei one of the three partners is involved in the setup and investments of an opportunistic 35m euro Private Equity Fund, looking to invest in Romanian companies during the economic slowdown.

Andrei is a keen debater and snowboarder. He holds BA and MA degrees in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He considers his views to be Libertarian and Cosmopolitan.


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