Dan Gheorghiu

Chairman and C.E.O, Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE)

Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chief Executive Officer of the dan-gheorghiu1Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE) in 1992, after 6 years of coordinating the engineering activity as Technical Director. He joined ISPE immediately after graduating from Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest - Energetic Faculty - Power Section (1969).

Mr. Gheorghiu holds a “Magna cum laudae” Ph. D. (Eng) with the topic “Management and financial engineering in the energy field” and is Associate Professor at Oradea - Polytechnic University - Energetic Faculty.

Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu’s main professional concern is to consolidate ISPE leading position in the field of consulting and engineering services, defining it as the unique energy project developer at national level. He is constantly involved in global energy issues, such as: developing a sustainable energy future for Romania, through the entire consulting and engineering activity of ISPE;  developing, as team leader, the national strategy in the field of power and heat generation, transmission and distribution; promoting the security of energy supply, rational primary resources use and energy efficiency in Romania and at regional level; management of all retrofitting and up-grading programs in the field of power and heat generation, transmission and distribution; development and promotion of environmental friendly energy projects; promoting the use of RES in Romania and RES technologies development

Mr. Gheorghiu is active in various professional societies in international affairs, and has published scientific works and different articles and participated in UNECE workshops - Sustainable Energy Division; World Energy Council - WEC Congresses; CIGRE - International Major Overhead Transmission Lines Conference; Power Gen Conferences; Regional Energy Forums; Polytechnic University of Bucharest workshops.

Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu is a leading voice in the Romanian energy development strategies and has assumed opinions regarding all issues in the fields of power, oil and gas. He is a member of several professional bodies and employers’ associations: CONCORDIA – Romanian Oil, Gas and Energy National Confederation, President; FPEN – Romanian Power Industry Employers Federation, president; WEC-RNC – World Energy Council, the Romanian National Committee, founder member and vice-chairman; APER – Romanian Power Policies Associations, founder member; FREM – Romanian Foundation for Power and Environment, founder member SIER – Romanian Society of Thermo-energetic Engineers, member.

Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu is author or co-author for more than 20 volumes and over 80 scientific papers.


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