Frances Burwell

Vice President, European Union and Special Initiatives, Atlantic Council

Frances G. Burwell is vice president, European Union and special initiatives, at the Atlantic Council. She has fraces-redimensionatserved as director of the Council’s Program on Transatlantic Relations, and as interim director of the Global Business and Economics Program. Her work focuses on the European Union and US-EU relations as well as a range of transatlantic economic, political, and defense issues. She is the principal US-based organizer of the Wrocław Global Forum, held annually in Poland, which is the European home of the Atlantic Council’s Freedom Awards. Among her publications are: A Transatlantic Approach to Europe’s East: Relaunching the Eastern Partnership; Shoulder to Shoulder: Forging a Strategic US-EU Partnership; Rethinking the Russia Reset; and Transatlantic Leadership for a New Global Economy. She is also a frequent commentator on European politics and transatlantic relations, with interviews and op-eds appearing in the Huffington Post, Financial Times, Christian Science Monitor, al-Jazeera, BBC, and CCTV, among others.


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