Liviu Voinea

First Deputy Governor, National Bank of Romania

Mr. Voinea has been acting as the Minister Delegate for Budget in the Romanian Government from December l-voinea12012 to August 2014. He previously served as a Secretary of State within the same ministry, being responsible for the coordination of several departments, such as customs policy, fiscal legislation, relations with the Parliament. Furthermore, Mr. Voinea is an Professor with the Faculty of International Business and Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, where he teaches, among other courses, International economics, Corporate strategies, Foreign direct investments (post-graduate level). Liviu Voinea holds an MBA degree from Stockholm University (obtained in 1998) and a PhD from the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (obtained in 2000).  He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the European Commission’s Joint Research Institute in Seville, Spain (in 2004). In addition Liviu Voinea presided at the 2011 EIBA Conference (European International Business Association) and is a permanent member of EACES (the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies) where he was secretary executive between 2002 and 2004. He is also a member of the Romanian Economic Society. Mr Voinea has actively participated in the following international conferences by presenting papers: the 2011 IMF and World Bank Annual Conference in Washington; the 2011 IIF Annual Conference in New Delhi; the 2008 conference at the European Commission; the 2009 conference organized by the South East Europe Association and EC Delegation in Berlin; the 2009 International Institute of Finance (IIF) Annual Membership Meeting in Istanbul; and the 2008 OECD Global Forum on Investments in Paris etc. Liviu Voinea has coordinated and participated in numerous national and international projects regarding the analysis of different phenomena at the macroeconomic level, financed by: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD, PHARE, European Investment Fund, World Economic Forum, Swiss National Science Foundation, European Institute of Romania, and the Romanian Government etc. He received the prestigious ‘Virgil Madgearu’ Romanian Academy Award for economics in 2007 for his book Transnational Corporations and Global Capitalism. In 2008, he also received the ‘National Award for Excellence in Research’, for socio-economic research, granted by the National Agency for Scientific Research, Romania. His most recent book, The End of Illusion Economics. Crisis and Anti-Crisis: a Heterodox Approach, was a bestseller in Romania.  

In October 2014 Mr. Voinea was appointed as First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Romania.


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