Mihaela Geoană

President, Renasterea foundation

Mihaela Geoană is an architect (Master of Architecture - Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu" Bucharest) mihaela-geoanaand holds a Master of Business Administration - Canadian MBA Program (Universite de Quebec a Montreal and the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest).As an apprentice architect she was part of the project team for the design of the Ministry of Culture (part of Palace of the Parliament Site). She spent three years in France (1991-1993), working as an architect (historic monuments preservation) and five years in the US (1996-2001), accompanying her husband, the Romanian Ambassador to US.

In September 2001, Mihaela Geoană established in Romania Renaşterea Foundation - a national non-profit organization aimed to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast and cervical cancer, providing free of charge access to screening, diagnosis and counseling for patients and their families. For the last 15 years, Mihaela Geoană was the President of Renaşterea Foundation.

In recognition of her humanitarian work, in April 2007, she was elected President of the Romanian Red Cross, position she held until 2015. During that time, Mihaela Geoană initiated national campaigns aimed to raise the visibility of this prestigious organization, to attract volunteers and to restore the concept of volunteerism and humanitarianism in Romania. Born on February 26, 1963, Mihaela Geoană is married to Mircea Geoană, Senator, and has two children: Ana Maria and Alexandru.

Mihaela Geoană is fluent in English and French.


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