Ramona Mănescu

Minister of Transport

Ramona Nicole MĂNESCU is a young Romanian politician who was appointed Minister of Transport in august ramona-manescu12013. Until then she has been a member of the European Parliament, elected twice since December 2007. During this time, Ramona Mănescu was a member in the Culture and Education Commission, Social Affairs and Employment Commission, in the EP Delegation for relations with the Arabic Peninsula and Member in the EP Delegation for relations with Japan. She also held the position of Vice-President of the Urban Intergroup in the European Parliament.

Before becoming a member of the European Parliament in 2007, Ramona was involved in projects that aim to support young people, which lead to her becoming a Vice-President of the National

Authority for Youth, with the rank of Under Secretary of State (2005–2007). Mrs. Mănescu has been a Member of the Liberal Party since 1990.

In 2008 Ramona Mănescu was awarded MEP of the Year for Culture and Education by The Parliament Magazine.

Ramona Mănescu was born in Constanta, in 1972 and studied Law Sciences at the Bucharest University. Mrs. Mănescu is married to Rares Mănescu, Mayor of the 6th District of Bucharest and has two children. 


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