Soomin Park

Alternate Board Director, EBRD

soomin-park-bfMr. Soomin Park is serving as an alternate director in the board of EBRD, the international development bank made by 65 member countries and investing in 38 countries. While representing Korean shareholder-ship in EBRD board, he is keen on supporting tri-angular economy cooperation-ship among EBRD, Korea and EBRD operation countries (Greece, Ukraine, Romania and Uzbekistan etc.)

Before joining EBRD, he was responsible for national strategy development in the Presidential Office of Korea, and also led strategic economy cooperation-ship between Korea and Middle East, which nurtured major projects in multiple sectors like oil & gas, electronics, air-transportation et al. Also serving in Korea government, he was responsible for long-term and mid-term public finance reform, state-enterprises reform(over 100 companies), financial market restructuring(after 1997 East Asia financial crisis) and tax-designing for economy growth et al.


(Previous careers)

Presidential Office

Council for Future and Vision, Head Director General – Strategic alliance between Korea and the other countries (Middle East, Malaysia, Brazil et al.) Major projects management (nuclear power plant, oil and gas, health care et al.)

Vice secretary to the President – National strategy, State enterprises reform, National education system reform et al.

Ministry of Strategy and Finance – Mid-term and long-term public finance reform, Tax design for SME, regional development and growth, national science R&D financing, financial market restructuring et al.


(Academic background)

Visiting fellow, KDI (Korea Development Institute) – Research on international economy and structural reform of Korea

BA and MA in Business administration, Seoul National University


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